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FlashControl is an ASP.NET server control which allow you to add swf Flash or Flex files in your ASP.NET projects. As any WebControl, you can add FlashControl in Visual Studio Toolbox, and just drag and drop it in your ASP.NET web pages ! It is now compatible with ASP.NET AJAX!

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  • Works with all versions of .NET framework
  • Full Visual Studio designer support !
  • ASP.NET AJAX enabled!
  • Cross browsers
  • Support full screen Flash movies
  • Support all Flash properties
  • XHTML compliance mode !!
  • Support ASP.NET Theme and skins !
  • Pass variables to Flash and communicate via JavaScript
  • See complete list of features here…

FlashControl is the easiest way to include Flash movie in your ASP.NET projects ! You can Downloadand try it now with the free version !