FlashControl supports all Flash properties :
Width, Height, Src, FlashVars, PluginsPage, Loop, Menu, Scale, BgColor, SwLiveConnect, Quality, Play, Base, Align, SAlign, WMode, AllowScriptAccess, AllowNetworking, SeamlessTabbing, Devicefont, …

Ready for ASP.NET AJAX!
FlashControl fully works with ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel.

Supports communication between Flash and JavaScript.

FlashControl works with ASP.NET Theme service and Skin files!

Full Visual Studio Designer support :

  • Smart Tag!
  • Custom Designer
  • Custom Editors
  • Custom template
  • Web Resources

FlashControl provide a XHTML compliance mode ! The rendered code validates XHTML 1.0 strict in compliance with W3C web standards.

With FlashControl you can target specific HTML output : Internet Explorer Windows (<object> tag) and/or Netscape/Mozilla, IE MAC (<embed> tag) or use Automatic browser detection (FlashControl will automatically choose to render <object> tag or <embed> tag depending on browser capabilities).


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We make a lot of websites that needs flash implementation and visual studio lacks this ability, we tested a lot of solutions out there both free and paid, but none of them have what Flash Control has, they don’t have the simplicity, rich features, and out of the box implementation .
What is perfect about Flash Control is that it has awesome design time features plus programming features, for us being able to add Flash Vars from code behind as collection was a live saver, Plus What more do you want when you get a product that is Inexpensive, Professional and has superior support.
– Feras Khoursheed (United Arab Emirates)

Everything you look for in a superior product. The control is light weight and not bloated with script like other products. We searched for others and this won hands down. Excellent support going the extra mile. Highly recommended for your flash needs. Saved the day.
– Ron Youmans, (USA)

The control is great! We use Visual Studio 2008 and it works great with all the new frameworks. Just a quick drag and drop and no more worrying about js files to get the Flash to play or remove that annoying “click here to activate”! Thanks! Awesome!
– Robert F. Tilley, Jr. (USA)

Thanks very much for the support! Your control saved us much time and headaches because of the dynamic nature of our flash pieces.
– Chris Smillie (Canada)

We have found Flash-control to be an excellent component for our developments and the level of technical support provided by your company is exceptional.
– Antoine (France)

The Flash-control is an inexpensive and great component that everybody should use to manage flash movies in websites seamlessly.
– Javier Hernandez (Toronto, Canada)

I can’t believe the VALUE of this product. Perfect for marrying .Net and Flash in Visual Studio. The help desk was responsive and thorough. Completely satisfied and impressed with the follow up after the sale.
– William Erwin (San Diego, CA, USA)

The FlashControl really got me out of a jam when I realized that the flash content on my website was going to be complicated by Microsoft IE’s ‘Active Content Update’ Issue. It doesn’t reassure users of your site’s validity when they have to click before they can use content. Well FlashControl came to my rescue and saved me having to reinvent the wheel. And it was a bargain too! I’d have to spend many man hours to reproduce this.
– Andrew Harry (Australia)

It is strong tool and price is so cool. Thanks to all programmers who developed it.
– Abdullah BaMusa (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful new tool!!!! I was in a real bind until I found your site. Thank you for your skills and let me know if you have any other visual web developer components. Wow, Great Job!
– Ryan S. (Lakeland, Florida, USA)

Great custom control! It was easy to install… easy to use. This is a value-added component that saved me many hours of development time, when I needed it yesterday. Worth the price many times over. In addition to the quality of the control, customer service provided me with a rapid response to answer a question I wasn’t able to find in the FAQ. Thank you and develop some more!
– Kevin S. (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

Thank you very much! It works fine! This is a very great product!
– Mario Ferrante (Italia)

That’s awesome, I really like the control, it allows me to create a professional look with little effort.
– Glen Thompson (Memphis, TN, USA)

This control is really nice and save me a lot of time, thank you so much!
– Helene B. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Very nice control, you can easily manage variables like FlashVars and a lot of parameters. You will also never see the “Click to use control” message of the Explorer browser. Approved and advised!
– Emanuele Spinella (Italia)

Thanks for a great product. I spent a few $ to buy and it was well worth it – I got quick and helpful support with setting it up with my Visual Studio. Thanks!
– Ellen Dhawan (UK)

Using the Flash Control makes adding Flash to ASP.NET projects much-much easier! The feature to deal with the IE Active Content Update is a great bonus too – makes the web site look much more professional and removes any customer concerns over security.
No ASP.NET developer who is adding Flash content should be without it!
– Alec MacLean (UK)

Your control is awesome and is Free!!! Thanks very much for the best Flash Control!!!
– Ernesto Alejandro De Cuadros Barrios (Caracas, Venezuela)

The most impressive Flash product for asp.net. The product is realy very easy to use. Good work from Good Team. Thanks, I found this product realy helpful after finding & trying for many options, but this one top of all. no need to find any more. This is the perfect solution!
– Nehal Bhatt (India)

Your control is just simple and right to the point. Let alone it’s the only one I came across so far that addresses the IE Active Content Update issue. We integrate flash into many of our websites and this control is a big time-saver.
– Shady Samir (Egypt)

This is a fantastic ASP.NET control for Flash. It’s a very simple and very useful tool. It makes it very easy to install flash, by drag and drop directly in Visual Studio 2005. I was using the Deconcept script independently though I find Flash Control makes it far easier and cleaner to use flash within Visual Studio and offers some great features. Great product.
– Adrian Francis (Australia)

New version works great! Good job, very nice. It’s fantastic, very easy to implement. BTW, I appreciate the work you have put into this, it’s a fantastic control.
– Tim Cartwright (Houston, Texas, USA)

My project whith your fantastic control is finished now. Thanks a lot again for your amazing work!

– Stefan (Deutschland)

Awesome, works great now! I was having a lot of trouble trying to work with flash in Asp.Net. Then I found your flash control and it was exactly what I was looking for. It rebases my urls in masterpages, has cross-browser compatability, and is so easy to use – just drag it onto the page and set the Url property. It’s simple and elegant with an intuitive user interface (I really like the smart tags on the control) and does exactly what I was looking for.
– Chad Lee (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

It’s a great product, and I can’t believe it’s free! Good work! 🙂
– Nalle J. (Stockholm)

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